CEO interview in The Trendsetters of Public Relations book

The new edition of The Trendsetters of Public Relations, a Japanese language book featuring PR case studies curated by the Public Relations Society of Japan, features an interview with Parthenon Japan CEO Parker J. Allen.

The Trendsetters of Public Relations, now in its third edition, highlights stories on the latest trends in the Japanese PR industry, ranging from innovative company PR activations to PR initiatives by local governments.

This new edition focuses on new areas of business in Japan’s PR industry, which has moved beyond just planning press conferences and creating press releases. The book features 11 chapters that share the perspectives of both PR agencies and clients. Parthenon Japan’s work is featured in Chapter 10.

In the chapter, Allen explains the GUAPO framework, which highlights five new areas of focus we have identified for public relations over the next decade.

At Parthenon Japan, our mission is to close the communication gap between companies and stakeholders in government and civil society, and find new ways to use strategic public relations to improve corporate reputation.

GUAPO stands for:

  • Global
  • Unique
  • Advocacy
  • Partnership
  • Ownership

GUAPO consists of hints to the future. We are not saying, “You need to cover all of these five areas, otherwise you cannot engage in PR activities that will work in the future.” Rather, these five areas are a guide to give new inspiration and encourage creative problem solving through communications.

(Excerpt from p.288)

Allen also talks about the insights and attitudes expected from practitioners in the rapidly changing world of public relations in Japan with examples and case studies.

One of the most important focus areas for communication in the remote work era is “Distance Leadership”. Online communication is the new normal in business, which has expanded rapidly during the global pandemic. The goal of distance leadership is to solve new problems created by emerging need to communicate effectively in virtual environments. The key is to use “physical distance” with stakeholders as an advantage.

In 2020, the reality of public relations has changed drastically. Parthenon Japan recently launched a new service, Bespoke Live, which was created as a new way to approach virtual events using our digital PR best practices.

The Trendsetters of Public Relations is available in major bookstores in Japan and on from October 8, 2020.