Akane Hisamatsu

Portrait of Akane Hisamatsu, Associate of Parthenon Japan

Akane Hisamatsu

Senior Account Executive


  • Research & social media analyst
  • Lived in New Zealand and Malaysia
  • Musashino University graduate
  • Athlete and Ultimate frisbee player


Akane Hisamatsu is an Account Executive at Parthenon Japan, supporting clients as a researcher and social media analyst. She has considerable experience abroad, having studied in New Zealand during High School, and in Malaysia during her years at of Musashino University, where she majored in global business studies.

While studying abroad in Malaysia, she completed two internships. First, she was a translator for a Japanese education app development firm. Following that, she supported e-commerce planning for a Japanese cosmetics company.

Once back in Japan, she graduated from Musashino University’s Department of Global Communications and joined Parthenon Japan after a two-year internship in April 2020. She excels at social media management, digital marketing support, and partnership development. She also interfaces directly with clients in the video game industry.

In her free time outside of the office, she enjoys hiking, and is part of an Ultimate Frisbee team.