Kotomi Kanahama

Kotomi Kanahara portrait

Kotomi Kanahama

Account Executive


  • High school exchange program in Nashville, TN
  • Graduated from Harding Univeristy’s Department of Communication
  • Studies abroad experience in Europe
  • Loves traveling and Disney


Kotomi Kanahama is an Account Executive at Parthenon Japan, supporting clients as a researcher and analyst. In her junior year of high school, Kotomi became an exchange student in Nashiville, Tennessee where she discovered her interest in intercultural communication.

After graduating high school in Japan, she went back to the US to pursue her passion of learning about communication. A graduate of Harding University’s Department of Communication, she has overseas experience studying abroad in Greece and Italy.

Kotomi joined Parthenon Japan in April 2022 after working as a social media manager and communications planner in Sendai.