• Bespoke Live: planning, promotion, and execution of broadcast-quality virtual events

Core strengths

  • Look great with broadcast-quality video, lighting, & direction

  • Sound great using a strategic combination of training, rehearsal, and live sound engineering

  • Ensure safe and reliable experience

What we do

Bespoke Live’s unique approach to virtual event production is a strategic combination of creative problem solving, strategic PR planning, technical expertise, and attention to detail. We deliver virtual events that look great, sound great, and ensure safety and reliability.

Focus areas

Bespoke Live produces virtual events that deliver high-quality online experiences that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

  1. Online PR events, symposiums, and study groups
  2. Online press conferences
  3. Online shareholder meetings
  4. Online employee all-hands / town hall meetings

Look great with broadcast-quality video, lighting, & direction

Up until recently most online events have been a sideshow, not the main focus. However, now that holding events with an audience is out of the question, we are confronted with a new reality. What has been accepted for online events up until recently is not up to modern audience expectations. Important occasions deserve an online event experience that is just as impactful as participating in-person.

Starting with the planning process, we work closely together with the client to create a plan to deliver a captivating visual experience, captured in a way that is engaging and memorable. From venue selection to set preparation to on-site direction and live video mixing, our team will make sure your event looks great.

  • Broadcast quality cameras, lighting, and other equipment to deliver an online experience that is on par with a television program
  • Multi-camera setup for closeups of individual speakers
  • Pre-production and planning to ensure visual identity and execution that achieves client goals
  • On-site direction to assist speakers with setup, rehearsal, and throughout the broadcast session
  • Support with creation of presentations, visual aids, etc.
  • Live mixing of multiple camera angles, presentations, and other video content

Sound great using a strategic combination of training, rehearsal, and live sound engineering

If you have ever participated in an online event, you know that most online events are lacking in sound quality. If it is a remote webinar, the audio is severely limited by the individual participants’ equipment and internet connection. If it is an online feed of an in-person event in a large room, there is a lot of ambient noise that is distracting and difficult to completely remove. In either case, there is additional risk by lack of preparation: issues with proper setup and use of microphones, awkward flow among participants, and embarrassing technical difficulties. 

With a dedicated online event that is produced to a high standard, we can minimize risks and maximize opportunities. We will make sure your event sounds great using a strategic combination of technical expertise and vast experience in speaker training.

  • Full sound production using professional broadcast-grade microphones and mixing equipment
  • Live sound engineering to cancel noise, minimize echos, and ensure each speaker’s voice sounds crisp and clear
  • Pre-production and training for presenters to prepare each speaker for a successful and impactful presentation
  • Support with creation of talking points, speaker aids, etc.

Ensure safe and reliable virtual event experience

Organizers face two large questions in hosting an online event given the current state of affairs. First, how can the event be produced in a way that minimizes risk of infection? Second, what can be done to avoid embarrassing failures including sudden loss of video and/or audio?

The transition from in-person events to an online format is a major step to reduce risk to both speakers and attendees. We employ best practices to create a recording environment with space between speakers, a reliable and secure live streaming system that will ensure the broadcast can be enjoyed by the audience without issue or interruption.

  • Venue setup that gives space between speakers and production crew
  • Live broadcast system via internet with redundancy to avoid technical errors
  • Flexible location: possible to arrange filming at client site or hire dedicated venue

Strategic Partner

Marc-Antoine Astier
Film Director & CEO, Boomachine Inc.

Marc-Antoine Astier is a film director with extensive experience in online video production, having produced both major live events for global companies and popular YouTube series. Also accomplished as a creative director, Marc-Antoine has an extensive portfolio of creating TV commercials, online ads, and other video content.

Marc-Antoine is passionate about directing online events that are both creative and persuasive. He has over a decade of experience producing video content for both Japanese and international clients including Instagram, Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, AccorHotels, Amazon, Adidas, and Shopify.