• We specialize in strategic communication, government relations, and PR consulting.

Strategic Communication

Parthenon Japan is a team of strategic communication experts. Through developing a comprehensive plan tailored to your strategic objectives, we deliver creative solutions that reach your audience and enhance credibility, establish thought leadership, and strengthen your brand.

Public Policy Communication

In Japan’s constantly changing legislative environment, companies must be able to effectively communicate their position on policy matters. A public policy communication strategy is the first step to effective government relations. When legislation has not caught up to the speed of your innovation, or there are movements within government that could have major financial impact on your business, it is your responsibility to make your voice heard. Let our professionals help you develop a strong narrative and strategy to protect your interests and achieve your goals.

Brand Communication

Brand communication defines how people perceive your company and products. Our approach is a strategic combination of digital insights and classic creativity driven by a team with diverse experience working with top global brands. Parthenon Japan’s bespoke solutions help brands strengthen their reputation and inspire trust among stakeholders.

Global Communication

In today’s globalized world, consumers demand consistency, localization, and understanding of local norms. An effective global communication strategy is essential for both foreign firms in Japan and Japanese firms with a global presence. A team of bilingual and cross-cultural communication experts, Parthenon Japan is your bridge between Japan and the world.

Crisis Communication

During a crisis situation, spokespeople have to stay on message through every press conference and media interview. Ill-prepared executives risk making mistakes that destroy credibility, cause reputation damage, and make headlines. Whether you need a one-day media training session or emergency crisis training support and advisory, Parthenon Japan offers a one-stop solution.

Sponsor Communication

Great responsibility comes with the great power of sponsorship. Organization-wide effort and coordination is necessary to benefit from a major sponsorship opportunity. From strategy formation to legacy planning and execution, let our experts help you. We provide independent, objective advice to maximize the value of your sponsorship investment.

Reputation Management

In Japan, respect is everything. Having a good corporate reputation requires consistent effort. We can provide your firm with insights, recommendations, and an action plan to enhance credibility, establish thought leadership, and influence the stakeholders that matter to your business.

Research & Insights

We’ve done the research, and the results are in: knowledge is power. Parthenon Japan specializes in conducting research and due diligence, pulling information from a variety of sources, experts, and networks. Because of our focus on digital and social media, we also have a unique capability to monitor the online conversation and provide actionable insights.

Lobbying & Policy Advocacy

Parthenon Japan has your public policy outreach covered. With expertise on the full range of policy issues facing Japan, we can help you form relationships and effectively engage stakeholders through winning government relations campaigns. We deliver solid progress on time to meet your goals through a strategic balance of global best practices, local knowledge, and strong relationships.


Successful government relations in Japan requires high competency in lobbying: the art of influencing policy decision-makers. Our lobbyists can help you with the A to Z of advocacy in Japan. Our 360-degree approach includes planning and development of a robust outreach strategy, creating materials in Japanese & English, holding events, and developing dynamic opportunities to engage stakeholders. We have the tools you need to effectively communicate your position and rationale to Japan’s legislature and government ministries.

Government Relations Consulting

Fact: Most global companies in Japan have fewer than 4 full-time employees devoted to government relations. Small teams can still be effective, but there is skill, effort, and manpower needed to maintain a meaningful presence and have a seat at the table in important policy & stakeholder discussions. Let our team be a part of yours, and we will work with you directly on making sure that your firm has a robust and successful government relations team, vision, and strategy.

Stakeholder & Issue Mapping

Successful advocacy requires acute knowledge of your issues and the relevant stakeholders. The first step of this process is usually common sense, but the science starts when you need to link issues to groups of stakeholders and analyze the relationships between legislators, government offices, and others in the decision-making process. Through a combination of thorough research and strong relationships, we gather all the information you need for effective stakeholder engagement.

Monitoring & Executive Briefings

We keep you updated. Successfully operating a global firm in Japan requires being constantly aware of the political landscape as well as progress on all emerging issues that have a business impact. We provide consistent updates on the latest developments within Japanese government, news media, and social media that carry relevance to your issues. In addition, when the situation requires we can provide your leadership with weekly or even daily status reports.

Team Briefings & Training

The Japanese political and social landscape can be a difficult subject to master, even for a globally-seasoned executive. We can bring your leadership up to speed and give training to help your team acquire the skill set needed to successfully engage Japan’s policymakers.

PR Consulting

At Parthenon Japan, PR is our native language. A team of seasoned industry-renowned professionals, we create and execute PR strategies that work, period. From analysis of the current situation to awareness building, media relations, and hands-on support, we have you covered.

Media Training

Well-trained spokespeople have the ability to stay on message and in control of press conferences and media interviews from start to finish. With a team of expert media trainers and communication experts, Parthenon Japan can help your team maximize opportunities and eliminate risks.

Bespoke Live Virtual Events

Bespoke Live is our unique approach to virtual event production and promotion. We use a strategic combination of creative problem solving, strategic PR planning, technical expertise, and attention to detail. We can help you deliver virtual events that look great, sound great, and ensure safety and reliability.

Media Relations

Even a rookie can send out a press release, but it takes a pro to get it in the hands of the right journalists. Our team has strong networks with top-tier Japanese media across diverse beats and fields. From standard corporate coverage to obtaining features in newspaper, TV, and online media, let us be your easy button for getting better and more valuable media coverage.

Social Good PR

At Parthenon Japan, we know it can be challenging to promote social good initiatives to an external audience. Socially active firms increasingly look to engage in Creating Shared Value (CSV) activities as an extension of CSR, but this comes with a new set of communication challenges. With vast experience, deep knowledge of social issues in Japan, and the energy of passionate people, we help companies communicate their social good initiatives in a way that positively impacts corporate reputation.

Social Media PR

The specialists at Parthenon Japan have helped several of Japan’s top brands create innovative social media PR campaigns. Led by one of the first practitioners of social media PR in Japan, our team has the experience and ability to help you effectively use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media in PR campaigns. Let us help you develop captivating content and an engagement strategy to maximize ROI and improve reputation using social media PR.

Influencer PR

In Japan, word of mouth is paramount in influencing public opinion. Spread the word to a wider audience through strategic engagement of opinion leaders with a strong online following. Our approach combines deep knowledge of Japan’s social media with extensive experience working with top-level influencers. Let us help you amplify your message through promotion via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other mainstream social networks.

Event PR

From small-scale gatherings to gala events and symposiums, Parthenon Japan has a solid track record in planning and execution of exclusive events. With proven experience in everything from launch parties to policy discussion forums, charity events, and VIP social gatherings, we have the contacts, knowhow, logistics, and attention to detail that is required to hold successful PR events in Japan.