• Government Relations at the core of your outreach programs

Government Relations

Parthenon Japan has your public policy outreach covered. With expertise on relevant policy issues facing Japan, we help you form relationships and engage stakeholders through government relations campaigns. We reliably deliver solid progress through a strategic balance of best practice, local knowledge, and strong networks.

GR Consulting

Most global companies in Japan have fewer than 4 full-time employees devoted to government relations. Small teams can be effective, but skill and effort are required to stay abreast of developments. Parthenon Japan simplifies that process and gets you a seat at the table in important policy & stakeholder discussions. We work directly with clients to make sure their firm has a robust and successful government relations team, vision, and strategy.

Stakeholder Mapping

Successful advocacy requires acute knowledge of your issues and the relevant stakeholders. Common sense is the first step on the right path, but there’s much more to it than that. The real work starts with tracking issues across stakeholder groups. We analyze the relationships between legislators, government offices, and others in relevant ecosystems, and produce findings that will guide your next steps for time to come.

Issue Monitoring

We keep you updated. To successfully operate a global firm in Japan, being aware of the political landscape is required. Progress on emerging issues that impact business must be monitored. Primary, secondary, and contingency strategies are necessary. In order to accomplish this and more, we provide clients with precision intelligence on the latest developments within Japanese government, news media, and social media.

Team Briefings

The Japanese political and social landscape can be a difficult subject to master, even for a seasoned global executive. We bring your leadership chops up to speed and provide training to help your team acquire the skill set needed to successfully engage Japan’s policymakers.


Successful government relations in Japan requires high competency in advocacy. Have no fear, though: Our consultants walk you through the nuances of Japanese advocacy. Our 360-degree approach includes planning and development of a robust outreach strategy, creating materials in Japanese & English, and developing dynamic stakeholder engagement opportunities. We have the tools you need to effectively communicate your position and rationale to Japan’s legislature and government ministries.

Parker J. Allen

Parker Allen for Parthenon Japan

Parker J. Allen

Chief Consultant

President & CEO

Government Relations Specialist


  • Experienced communication, advocacy, and PR provider for global firms in Japan
  • Committed to the merging of creativity & results-driven approaches
  • Expansive access to high-level stakeholders in Japanese government & industry
  • Reputation for quick action & hands-on support


Parker J. Allen established Parthenon Japan in 2018 with the goal of bridging the communication gap between business, government, and society, based on extensive experience as a government relations & PR consultant for global firms in Japan.

Before founding Parthenon Japan, he served as Chief Operating Officer for a Tokyo-based public affairs consulting firm. Prior to that, he attended Sophia University. There, he studied Business, and developed his approach to strategic communication combining global best practices with local intel.

Parker is also an active participant in Japan’s PR industry. He has led several initiatives and study groups advocating global corporate communication & public affairs best practices as a part of the Public Relations Society of Japan. Additionally, he is involved with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the America-Japan Society.

Parker is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee in the United States, and is passionate about promoting social good. In part, this stems from having benefited from a high school exchange program to Tono, Iwate. In 2017, he lead an initiative to establish a sister city relationship between Chattanooga and Tono.