• Public relations to amplify your messaging

Public Relations Consulting

At Parthenon Japan, Public Relations is our native language. A team of seasoned industry veterans, we create and execute PR strategies that work. From situational analysis to awareness building, media relations to hands-on production support, we have you covered.

Well-trained spokespeople stay on message and in control of press conferences and media interviews from start to finish. With our team of expert media trainers and communication specialists, Parthenon Japan helps your team maximize opportunities and eliminate risks.

Bespoke Live is our virtual event production and promotion service. With our strategic combination of creative problem solving, precision PR planning, and technical expertise, we deliver virtual events that look great, sound great, and ensure safety and reliability.

Event Coordination

Managing talking points and designing visuals are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, public relations is about interaction. Work with us to develop activations that put your best foot forward, and might even be fun to boot.

Media Relations

Even a rookie can issue a press release, but it takes a pro to get it in the hands of the right journalists. Our team has strong networks with top-tier Japanese media across diverse beats and fields. From standard corporate coverage to obtaining features in newspaper, TV, and online media, let us be your guide to better and more valuable media coverage.

Social Good

At Parthenon Japan, we know it can be challenging to promote social good initiatives to an external audience. Socially active firms increasingly look to engage in Creating Shared Value (CSV) activities as an extension of CSR, but this comes with a new set of communication challenges. With vast experience, deep knowledge of social issues in Japan, and a passionate team, we help companies communicate their social good initiatives to positively impact corporate reputation.

Social Media

The specialists at Parthenon Japan have helped several of Japan’s top brands create innovative social media PR campaigns. Led by one of the first practitioners of social media PR in Japan, our team has the experience and ability to help you effectively use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media in PR campaigns. Let us help you develop captivating content and an engagement strategy to maximize ROI and improve reputation using social media PR.

Influencer Relations

In Japan, word of mouth is paramount in influencing public opinion. Spread the word to a wider audience through strategic engagement of opinion leaders with a strong online following. Our approach combines deep knowledge of Japan’s social media with extensive experience working with top-level influencers. Let us help you amplify your message through promotion via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other mainstream social networks.