• Brand communication that inspires trust among consumers and stakeholders.

What we do

Japan is home to the world’s oldest brands, which makes effective brand communication an essential element of strategic PR. Our experts have over a century of global experience and local knowledge in helping brands stay relevant and break new ground in an ever-changing landscape.

Focus areas

From strategy formation and storytelling to rebranding and change communication, our unique advisory approach can help you achieve both short-term wins and long-term strategic goals. We provide hands-on assistance with core message development and strategy formation, as well as follow through to execution whether it be through digital transformation, cross-media, or internal-facing communication. Parthenon Japan serves as a trusted partner in facilitating global brand communication.

Core strengths

  • Hands-on assistance from concept to execution

  • Digital insights and classic creativity

  • Experienced team with decades of experience working with top brands

  • Strategic focus on social conversations, analytics, and deep consumer insights

Specialist Profile

Norimichi Uno
Account Director

Norimichi Uno is a veteran specialist in brand communication and strategic planning. He has experience in managing large scale projects, leading teams in charge of strategic media relations, media planning, creative production, events, and digital marketing solutions. With diverse industry experience creating strategies for cameras, printers, automotive, airlines, hotels, and national tourism authorities, he is known as a trusted partner to clients as key account manager.

In his 35-year career with Dentsu, Norimichi served in senior management roles in charge of promoting global and Japanese firms both within Japan and overseas. Having worked for 8 years in Hong Kong, 2 years in Amsterdam, and 3 years in Bangalore, he worked together with brands including Canon, Toyota, Panasonic, All Nippon Airways, and the Egyptian Tourism Authority in delivering marketing communication strategies.

A graduate of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, in his free time Norimichi enjoys athletics and has continued to participate in javelin throw competitions since his time at university.