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Japan Unleashed

Japan Unleashed takes a deep look into important issues facing Japan in an easy-to-understand way. Hosted by Parker Allen, CEO of Parthenon Japan, a Japan specialist who has lived in Tokyo for over 16 years, each episode features an expert guest and provides commentary and discussion on a specific topic. Whether you are simply interested in Japan or have business or academic interests that would benefit from learning more, Japan Unleashed is dedicated to telling you what’s going on in Japanese society, economics, policy, culture, and more.

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Japan Unleashed Podcast Host

Parker J. Allen

Parker Allen for Parthenon Japan

Parker J. Allen

Chief Consultant

President & CEO

Government Relations Specialist


  • Experienced communication, advocacy, and PR provider for global firms in Japan
  • Committed to the merging of creativity & results-driven approaches
  • Expansive access to high-level stakeholders in Japanese government & industry
  • Reputation for quick action & hands-on support


Parker J. Allen established Parthenon Japan in 2018 with the goal of bridging the communication gap between business, government, and society, based on extensive experience as a government relations & PR consultant for global firms in Japan.

Before founding Parthenon Japan, he served as Chief Operating Officer for a Tokyo-based public affairs consulting firm. Prior to that, he attended Sophia University. There, he studied Business, and developed his approach to strategic communication combining global best practices with local intel.

Parker is also an active participant in Japan’s PR industry. He has led several initiatives and study groups advocating global corporate communication & public affairs best practices as a part of the Public Relations Society of Japan. Additionally, he is involved with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the America-Japan Society.

Parker is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee in the United States, and is passionate about promoting social good. In part, this stems from having benefited from a high school exchange program to Tono, Iwate. In 2017, he lead an initiative to establish a sister city relationship between Chattanooga and Tono.

Japan’s Rural Revitalization Series Co-Host


David Wagner for Parthenon Japan

David Wagner

Crisis & Media Training Specialist



  • Over 25 years of experience in crisis management & media training
  • Has worked with over 550 organizations
  • Author of 24 books and host of 2 TV shows
  • MA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies


David Wagner has unparalleled experience as a media training and crisis communication consultant. He has worked with more than 550 organizations, including ambassadors, Fortune 500 executives, and government organizations worldwide.

David is a go-to consultant and an expert in fine-tuning message delivery for executives of multinational corporations. He is also a recognized global PR strategist for Japanese firms and the Government of Japan. His expertise has been sought by organizations including Google, Goldman Sachs, and the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office.

David’s extensive career includes leading Japan-based communications training teams at Kreab and Edelman. He has also authored 24 books on business communication and media relations. Additionally, he was creator and host of two national TV series on global business skills for Japan’s national broadcaster NHK. He holds a M.A. degree in Japan’s economic and political system from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

A native of Denver, Colorado, David served as communications advisor to the Democratic National Committee during the 2018 US elections.