Norimichi Uno

Norimichi Uno for Parthenon Japan

Norimichi Uno

Brand Communication Specialist

Account Director


  • Strategic communications veteran, with 30+ years at Dentsu
  • Extensive boots-on-the-ground international management experience
  • Wide-ranging client portfolio, including major airlines, consumer products, and automotive
  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies grad, javelin enthusiast


Norimichi Uno is a veteran specialist in brand communication and strategic planning for Parthenon Japan. He has experience in managing large scale projects, leading strategic media relations campaigns, event production, and developing digital marketing solutions.

Norimichi has diverse industry experience creating strategies for automotive, airlines, cameras, printers, hotels, and national tourism authorities. He is well-regarded as a trusted account partner to clients.

Over his 35-year career with Dentsu, he has served in senior management roles in charge of promoting global and Japanese firms both within Japan and overseas. He has worked with brands such as Canon, Toyota, and All Nippon Airways. Over 8 years in Hong Kong, 2 years in Amsterdam, and 3 years in Bangalore, he has consistently delivered effective marketing communication strategies.

He is a graduate of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He enjoys athletics in his free time and continues to pursue his interest in javelin throw since university days.