Toshio Nagahisa

Toshio Nagahisa for Parthenon Japan

Toshio Nagahisa

Senior Advisor


  • Japanese public policy expert, Professor of Economics at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business
  • Well-known expert on Japanese public policy with extensive network and media exposure
  • Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA, MA in Russian and East European Studies from Stanford University, and BA in Law from Keio University


Toshio Nagahisa is a public policy expert with strong connections to senior government legislators and administrators. He is also a senior advisor to the policy think tank Concept Japan (Koso Nippon), a member of the Government of Japan Cabinet Secretariat’s Working Group on Expenditure Reform of the Administrative Reform Promotion Council, and a trustee of the Public Resource Foundation. Additionally, under Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Toshio served as Secretary General of the Frontier Subcommittee established in the National Strategy Council to help formulate a vision for Japan’s future.

During his 40-year career with policy think tank PHP Research Institute, Toshio contributed to the publishing of books and articles on the life and work of Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita, with whom he worked directly until 1989. He concluded his career at PHP after serving as Managing Director of research. Toshio has been involved in several public policy advocacy initiatives, making recommendations to local and national governments, serving as an expert advisor in the policy-making process, and raising social awareness on important issues facing Japan.

In education, Toshio is Professor of Political Science at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, and has been an adjunct lecturer and visiting professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Kansai University, and Takushoku University, among others. In local government, as a member of Kanagawa Prefecture‘s Advisory Committee for 21st Century Prefectural Government, he contributed to comprehensive regional revitalization plans, and was involved in the administrative and fiscal reforms of Suginami Ward and Atami City.

Toshio is author and co-author of books including:

  • “A smooth reading of Japanese politics” (PHP Research Institute, 2002)
  • “A Private Proposal for a 21st Century Japanese Constitution: For the Creation of a Nation for a New Era” (PHP Research Institute, 2004)
  • “How the World Restructured Finances: An In-depth Study of Successful Cases in Nine Countries” (PHP Research Institute, 2001)

Outside of work, Toshio is an avid car enthusiast, and has owned and driven a Honda S2000 since purchasing it new.