• Effective global communication to connect Japan and the world.

What we do

In today’s globalized world, consumers demand consistency, localization, and understanding of local norms. An effective global communication strategy is essential for both foreign firms in Japan and Japanese firms with a global presence. A team of bilingual and cross-cultural communication experts, Parthenon Japan is your bridge between Japan and the world.

Focus areas

From marketing copy and business documents to comprehensive localization and rebranding across the board, Parthenon Japan offers a one-stop solution. We specialize in developing bespoke content localization strategies based on your goals. In addition to external-facing content, we also have a track record of translation and localization for internal audiences: from training materials to executive briefing documents.

Core strengths

  • One-stop solution for global communication

  • Creative and professional approach to translation and localization

  • Leading bilingual translators with extensive cross-industry experience

  • Ability to accommodate quick turnaround & rush deadlines

Specialist Profile

Benjamin Boas
Senior Advisor, Global Communcation

Benjamin Boas has over a decade of experience as a global communication consultant. Recognized by the Government of Japan Cabinet Office as a Cool Japan Ambassador, Benjamin is author of two books on Japanese culture and English education in Japan. His career has led to extensive work with publishers including Kawai Juku, Shogakukan, Tokyo University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology, and popular media including NHK, Netflix, Studio Ghibli, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Metropolis Magazine, The Japan Times, and TimeOut Tokyo.

A graduate of Brown University and former Fulbright Scholar, Benjamin has held research positions at Tokyo University and Keio University. He also has experience designing cultural experience for Harvard Club of Japan, Brown University Club of Japan, Pasona Group, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Outside of work, Benjamin competes in Mahjong and holds two International Mahjong Championships. He is also a master in martial arts with a 2nd-degree black belt from the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu Dojo.

Benjamin is active on Twitter at @Benjanmin