CEO interview in Koho Kaigi magazine

Parthenon Japan CEO Parker J. Allen was featured in the June 2020 issue of Koho Kaigi, Japan’s foremost magazine dedicated to the public relations industry. The article introduces GUAPO, five new areas of focus we have identified for public relations over the next decade.

Since our founding in 2018, Parthenon Japan has built a reputation as strategic communication specialists actively contributing to Japan’s public relations industry.

To achieve success in public relations, all stakeholders need to be taken into account including consumers as well as the government and civil society. Companies need to be constantly aware of their messaging, audience, and the impact of activities on corporate reputation.

Our mission is to close the communication gap between companies and stakeholders in government and civil society, and promote new ways of using strategic PR to improve the brand image of our clients.

GUAPO stands for:

  • Global
  • Unique
  • Advocacy
  • Partnership
  • Ownership

We endeavor to continue to provide services using a unique creative problem solving approach that helps better connect Japan and the world.

The article also includes a client case study. Using the Global and Unique best practices, we supported the launch of Legacy Tomodachi, a website dedicated to supporting Japanese inheritance matters for foreign nationals operated by STK Legal Services (STK Group). As the population of foreign nationals who are lifelong residents of Japan continues to rise, there are still few inheritance-related services for these individuals. In order to meet the diverse needs of foreign nationals living in Japan and people of Japanese heritage living overseas, we utilized our resources in global branding, digital content production, and copywriting in English and Chinese.

As a member of the Public Relations Society of Japan and part of Japan’s PR industry, Parthenon Japan will continue to contribute to further develop the PR profession in Japan.


Koho Kaigi is a monthly magazine published by Sendenkaigi Co.Ltd., which publishes several magazines and other periodicals dedicated to the advertising and communications profession in Japan. The only monthly magazine in Japan that dedicated to public relations, investor relations, and risk management for PR practitioners, Koho Kaigi showcases PR firms and case studies for the benefit of its readership.