Bespoke Live presents new video: “Virtual events that don’t suck”

On July 30, Parthenon Japan released Virtual events that don’t suck, a new video showcasing our Bespoke Live virtual event service. Jointly developed by Boomachine Creative Studio and Parthenon Japan, Bespoke Live delivers virtual events that Look Great, Sound Great, and are Safe and Reliable.



At the beginning of the video, our bumbling virtual event host “The Loser” struggles to start an important live-stream using a standard video conferencing app. He is on the verge of panic after his video freezes and his audio stops working. In the next instant the app crashes, ruining his virtual event.

Suddenly, The Loser is teletransported into the world of Bespoke Live. He finds himself now inside a livestream session. He becomes mesmerized by the professional setup and equipment surrounding him.

The Loser then teleports to a CEO’s press conference dress rehearsal. The CEO looks presidential and fully prepared with the support of media trainers, interpreters, and makeup artists in addition to the video production crew. She receives feedback from the media trainers and is able to effectively deliver her key messages. “The Loser” reaches out to touch a cool piece of livestream equipment, but the operator bats him away.

Next, The Loser finds himself on the green screen set of a tech demo. Bespoke Live uses broadcast-grade video technology that can place presenters in front of any background such as product images or video. The charismatic “Green Screen Guy” explains how it is possible to record the livestream in full HD, which enables uploading to any video platform or using the footage to create additional edited content.

Suddenly, The Loser is returned back to his sofa, where he has disappointed his audience with an unsuccessful virtual event. He stands up in frustration without realizing that his camera is still on, inadvertently showing his colorful shorts to the audience.


Bespoke Live provides a totally customizable virtual event experience for producing virtual events tailored to your specific needs.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you host a virtual event that looks great, sounds great, and is safe and reliable.