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A Sneak Peek into Prime Minister Kishida’s Political Strategy

It’s September 2023, and Prime Minister Kishida has just reshuffled his cabinet. What does this mean? Let’s take a look inside Kishida’s new lineup and try to make sense of the rationale behind his decision. In modern Japanese politics,…
Junichiro Koizumi givning an election speech

Nagatacho Meetup Vol.1

On November 19, Parthenon Japan together with Gaiax (TSE: 3775) hosted "Nagatacho Meetup Vol. 1: Poli-Tech Gathering" at Nagatacho GRID.

The internet, social media, and Japanese election campaigns

Thank you for taking a look at our inaugural post on Nagatacho Now! "Nagatacho Now” is a new series of blogs focused on the intersection between Japanese politics, social media, and policy issues. Today’s post is about the internet,…